Remote Paralegal Support for PI Law Firms

Remote Paralegal Support


With just a few clicks, you can tap into a robust and powerful ‘paralegal services engine’. Lexvia offers your firm the most efficient and cost-effective paralegal services in the PI space, allowing you to complement your existing staff and grow your business. The Lexvia team is rigorously trained in all aspects of the litigation process and managed by experienced, licensed attorneys. Additionally, our team is thoroughly trained on all case management systems, including the latest cloud-based systems such as CloudLex – the only legal cloud built exclusively for personal injury attorneys – making them efficient users of technology.



  1. Sign up:

    Simply fill out our Sign Up form and schedule your free consultation with our attorney managers. Our team will put together a solution that best fits your needs.

  2. Get Setup:

    Our team will set you up on CloudLex, a cloud based project management, collaboration and communication platform especially designed for personal injury law firms. CloudLex legal cloud will enable you to assign matter specific tasks, track and manage progress, and manage your documents all in one place. CloudLex will enable seamless collaboration between you and your Lexvia team.

  3. Upload Your Matter Files and Assign a Task:

    Create the task in your CloudLex portal, upload relevant documents and assign the task to Lexvia. Use your portal to communicate. Alternatively, if you are still using a legacy, server based, hosted case management system (not recommended) and you intend to continue using it, then a remote connection will allow Lexvia’s team to log in.

Law Firm 1

One of the country’s largest and most prominent personal injury law firms, with verdicts and settlements amounting to more than $1 billion for their clients, operates a firm with over 100 employees in New York City.


Our client was in the process of significantly expanding its practice by acquiring smaller practices and simultaneously increasing marketing efforts. In addition, the firm was evaluating technology options due to the constraints in both space and function of their outdated case management system. The firm needed both dedicated paralegal support and new technology with no upfront investment on infrastructure and without spending money on Manhattan level occupancy costs.


We seamlessly plugged in our remote paralegal services as a virtual extension of the client’s law firm operations. Our overnight remote paralegal services complemented the law firm’s paralegal workforce. Our expertise in personal injury and law firm management allowed Lexvia to work closely with the client and develop rigorous procedures for transitioning a wide variety of tasks to the remote paralegal team. The client was successful in doubling its caseload and simultaneously decreasing case processing time by 50%; with Lexvia’s support, this was accomplished within an 18-month period.

Law Firm 2

A solo practitioner working to establish his own PI firm in New York City.


Our client was sourcing his cases from a larger firm on a per-diem basis and was stretched thin between court appearances and building a business. Additionally, it was very challenging for the firm to attract and retain paralegal talent given the tight budget.


Lexvia provided its client with the much needed on-demand paralegal support at a pure variable cost. With no upfront investment and no hiring or training hassles, our client now had the opportunity to focus and grow his firm. As a direct result of plugging Lexvia in, our client’s firm has grown from being a solo operation into a 3-attorney/3 paralegal firm that handles over 150 active cases. Lexvia’s services continue to complement the in-house paralegal team.

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