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Medical Summaries and Chronologies


Our team of expert medical professionals has specialized training in processing medical records for personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home litigation law firms.

Our medical team works on-demand as a virtual extension of your in-house team, just like our remote paralegal services.

Each year, we work with law firms across the country and transform hundreds of thousands of medical records into medical chronologies, general summaries, injury analysis, medical rebuttals and affidavits, and reports which highlight specific medical issues.

Use these to quickly get up to speed on the medical issues of your case or as a starting point for your medical experts to greatly reduce both time and expense.



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Law Firm 1

One of the nation’s most prominent and prestigious medical malpractice personal injury law firms, helping plaintiffs in the areas of Nursing Home Abuse, Bed Sore Litigation, Hospital Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Brain Damage and Birth Injuries.


Our client was inundated with thousands of pages of medical records. The firm wanted to decrease the time associated with reviewing and processing these medical records.

The firm also wanted to reduce the expense associated with expert medical analysis by reducing the unnecessary clutter inherent in medical records (duplicates, no chronological order).

As is the case with every personal injury attorney, the client wanted to keep its costs low to ease cash flow.


The Lexvia medical team became a virtual extension of our client’s New York office, instantly providing them with the capability to process vast numbers of pages medical records at a rapid pace.

Our expert medical team reviews thousands of pages of medical records and creates summaries and chronologies that our client and the client’s experts use to plan their case strategy.

Additionally, our team sorts, arranges and Bates stamps thousands of pages of records, enabling our client to manage volumes of information in a more systematic and effective way.

Law Firm 2

A mid-size no-fault insurance litigation firm needing Medical Affidavits and Rebuttals.


No-Fault litigation demands a high volume, high velocity and low cost firm operation.

Our client required medical affidavits and rebuttals to counter insurance company peer review denials of claims.

Few businesses can execute a task like this on an automated and industrial scale while keeping the cost low.


Lexvia’s medical team created an industrialized process that churns out affidavits and rebuttals overnight at a price point that fits the case type model.

The firm now is able to process thousands of no-fault cases using Lexvia as their medical analysts.

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