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With Lexvia, you can assign matters that need to be monitored, tracked, and managed from open to close.

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“Moving” your cases forward is the single most important task for a plaintiff personal injury law firm.

To move your cases, you need to monitor and track all incoming information, the process required documents, and manage open items.

Running a law firm and processing cases involves substantive and administrative tasks that slow down your law firm’s operations.

Not only do you need to be the lawyer – draft pleadings, respond to discovery demands, and conduct depositions, but you also spend valuable time following up with clients, opposing counsel, and experts.

With Lexvia, you can assign a matter that needs to be monitored, tracked, and managed from open to close.

Our team of highly trained paralegals will monitor these assigned matters daily by reviewing incoming documents, requests, court orders, critical dates, open tasks, notes, and any other case-specific communication and ensure that the case is in its appropriate case status.

Acting as a project manager, our team will remind your attorneys and staff of any open items.

Case management oversight results in a more efficient operation which allows your in-house team to focus on high-value tasks.


Step 1

Contact Lexvia for your consultation to discuss our solution.

Step 2

We work with your team to utilize your existing case management system. No CMS? We can provide easy access to a proven solution to you, designed specifically for PI firms.

Step 3

Assign the matters that need to be managed.

Step 4

Monitor your matters on your legacy case management system.

Customer Success Stories

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Law Firm 1

Young, dynamic, Rising Star and SuperLawyer PI firm, managing over 1000 active cases looking for effective and efficient case management processes to ensure nothing slips through cracks.


The volume of daily information, including information requests, court orders, and critical dates, makes it challenging for our client to keep track of necessary data.


Our client uses the innovative Legal Cloud, CloudLex, to manage over 1000 cases and uses Lexvia’s case management services.

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