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Spend a few minutes each day and turn your office into a ‘paper light’ environment using Lexvia’s mail indexing services.

Simply take all the mail that comes in and goes out of your office, dump/batch scan it, and save it to your system.

There is no need to sort as every document has an indicator such as the plaintiff’s name, case number, or date of the accident.

Overnight we will access the scans, separate out each case-specific document, name them as per your defined method and save them into your system.

When you walk into your office the next day, your mail is easily accessible from your desktop – along with a comprehensive report for peace of mind. Simple and straightforward.


Step 1

Contact us for your Lexvia consultation, to discuss the details of our process.

Step 2

Bulk scan your daily mail and upload on to your CMS. No sorting required – stack them up in your scanner and scan as one big PDF file. Lexvia’s team will sort and index the records for you. Lexvia can also enter all new matter data into your case management system.

Step 3

Track and manage in your case management system

Step 4

No CMS? We can provide easy access to a proven solution to you, designed specifically for PI firms.

Customer Success Stories

See how Lexvia helped some of its clients succeed

Law Firm 1

Mid-size law firm managing a large volume of documents coming into their office on a daily basis.


Our client was seeking a process which would allow them to become a ‘paper light’ law firm to provide a more manageable work environment.


Our client scans all of its daily mail (which includes USPS mail, documents from the court, notes taken on paper, or any other paper in the office) in one bulk scan.

Lexvia accesses the scans overnight and indexes the documents into the case management system.

The next morning, the client reviews Lexvia’s daily report to determine which documents require further attention.

The indexed mail makes finding those documents quick and easy – and the piles of paper are eliminated!

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