There are numerous advantages to outsourcing, and larger companies have long recognized them. These include: flexibility, increased access to trained resources, expanded operating hours, and cost savings. All of these can give you a competitive advantage. If like most other firms, your practice has ebbs and flows, it can be difficult to find the right balance of staff headcount. Sometimes your team will have too much work, other times not enough to keep everyone busy. If the former, you may not want to take on a new team member because of training time, onboarding costs, etc., knowing that in a few months, you might have to reduce staff because your workload decreases. Outsourcing allows you access to trained, experienced resources who already know the ins and outs of injury work, are available on an as-needed basis at affordable rates. Utilizing time zone differences can also significantly expand your firm's working hours, with work being done for another 8+ hours after your staff has gone home. This will make your firm much more competitive because you can expand or contract as the situation demands with minimal investment.
Lexvia provides back-office support for overworked law firm staff, relieving the burden of time-consuming tasks that, while important, are low value (such as data entry, case setup, medical records requests, etc.). This enables attorneys and support teams to spend more time on higher-value, client-related duties such as coordinating with existing clients, processing intakes, etc.

Our services include: 24x7 Phone Support – Our bilingual (English and Spanish) operators can answer your phones any time of day, making sure that those who need to make contact after hours can do so. We can also call your clients at convenient times to remind them of important upcoming events and deadlines.

Remote Paralegal Support – Our trained, experienced team of paralegal support professionals can handle numerous tasks, from processing intakes and setting up cases in your system to drafting complaints, discovery responses, and even motions – all while you’re sleeping. Assign a task before leaving the office, and come back in to find it completed and ready for your review.

Medical Summaries and Chronologies – Instead of paying thousands of dollars for your expert witness (or onsite team) to go through hundreds of pages of records, our medical professionals can provide this service. Once reviewed, they’ll create detailed chronologies of events and treatments and summarize the most important parts, all with cross-referencing to records. Your team will be able to quickly and easily get up to speed and find precisely what they need.

Court Calendar Management – Your virtual paralegal support team members will routinely check the docket and update your calendar accordingly. They’ll also monitor cases and alert your in-house team. Never miss an important court date or deadline again, no matter how busy you are.
Absolutely! At Lexvia, we like to say we are “technology agnostic” – we can work with whatever system you have. Lexvia has experience working with virtually all systems on the market (and even some that no longer are), gained through years of working exclusively in the personal injury arena.
You can assign Lexvia a task via email or your current case management platform in the same manner that you would assign your in-house staff. We’ll also send you regular reports on our progress. Simple.
Lexvia will invoice you for any assignment completed and delivered in a month at the end of that month. If something assigned on the last day of March is completed in April, you’ll be billed in April.
The number of task types you can delegate to Lexvia is innumerable. Pricing varies depending on task types, volume, desired turnaround, etc. On average, you’ll save at least one-third with Lexvia’s services versus doing it in-house.
Lexvia is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021! In that time, we have helped hundreds of firms across the country manage tens of thousands of matters and millions of documents.
We are headquartered in New York, NY.