Lexvia Remote Paralegal Support

End to End No-Fault Litigation Processing


Our staff is fully equipped to process your no-fault litigation or arbitration matters.

We understand the demands of managing a no-fault practice, where volume is high, margins are tight and clients are seeking fast results.

Let our team organize and manage your case documents and help process the claims in a quick and efficient manner.

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One of the country’s leading no-fault collection law firms processing millions of dollars in medical claims each year.


The law firm recognizes the need for fast and efficient processing of their client’s medical claims while at the same time being conscious of maintaining high quality standards at a cost effective price point.

Additionally, the law firm consistently strives to find innovative ways to run their law practice


Lexvia’s night shift takes over the processing after the daytime staff goes home.

Lexvia prepares arbitration packages including the requisite forms and exhibit attachments.

Lexvia is able to identify and organize the case documents allowing the firm to greatly increase its production.

Lexvia provides trained manpower that would otherwise be cost prohibitive due to both infrastructure and staffing constraints.

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