Lexvia helps personal injury law firms move their cases faster and more efficiently

We are a team of attorneys and operations experts who have significant experience managing and processing personal injury cases. We know the nuances, processes and demands unique to personal injury litigation. Let us be your partners in making you a successful personal injury law firm.


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Increase Return on Your Matter

As a business which operates on a contingency fee basis, you are particularly aware of the balance between your investment in the case and your return on investment (ROI).

You are focused on moving your cases faster and keeping your processing costs down.

Lexvia can help you achieve a higher ROI on matters by using our industry and operational expertise to create a cost-effective and efficient firm.

  • Compress the overall lifecycle of your matters
  • Reduce your financing (carrying) costs
  • Save at least 30% on operational costs
  • Add to your bottom line by utilizing Lexvia’s services

Expand Capacity Without Spending on Overhead

Lexvia works during your “off business hours” instantly giving you increased daily productivity, a 24-hour work cycle and faster turn around.

Our team of paralegals remote-in; no additional infrastructure is needed.

This allows you to “amortize” the capital expenditures you have made on office space and technology systems.

  • On-demand experienced paralegal workforce
  • No salary or overhead costs
  • No technology, marketing or recruitment expenses
  • No occupancy costs
  • No payroll taxes

Effectively Manage Cash Flow With Services Designed for Contingency Fee Firms

We know first-hand the unique financial challenges faced by personal injury firms that operate on a contingency fee model.

With lengthy case lifecycles and no guarantee of a fee, you strive to manage your fixed costs.

With Lexvia you get on-demand, pay-per-use access to sophisticated legal professionals at a variable cost.

  • Transactional service model – pay only for usage
  • Pure variable cost
  • Simple fixed monthly fee available for defined transactions
  • Flexible payment terms